Project Description

Deep-core aeration for golf fairways, greens and tees, as well as sports fields, using the Soil Reliever. Deep-core aeration removes cores of material from deep in the soil profile, opening up the soil to relieve compaction, enhance drainage and improve the movement of water, nutrients and air to the turf roots. Many turf managers follow core aeration with topdressing of sand or compost to improve the soil structure.

Coring Tine Sizes:

3/4″ core diameter X up to 8” deep

1” core diameter X up to 8” deep

Special 3/4″ core diameter X up to 8” deep, with a 1/2″ shank, for a 3” X 3” hole pattern, using the Soil Reliever.

Pricing is based on the hole pattern desired and the type and amount of work done. For pricing, call us at (800) 888-2493.