Project Description

Drill/Backfill Aeration

Drill/backfill aeration drills a hole and then deposits a premeasured amount of sand or amendments into the hole to help increase drainage and promote root growth. There are 24 bits per machine head on a 7-1/2″ hole pattern. We offer 2 different bit sizes and depths: a 1″ bit that will go up to 8″ deep and a 3/4″ bit that will go up to 12″ deep. Customer provides dry material and the labor to load the material into the machines.

Pricing depends on the bit size used. For pricing, call us at (800) 888-2493.

Harmon Turf has provided drill-and-fill services to my client, the Carolina Panthers at Ericcson Stadium in Charlotte, NC, for the past three years. The root development that I have seen with my own eyes this spring of 2000, on the bermudagrass 419, which was installed at Ericcson Stadium by our firm in May of 1998, is the best that I have seen during my 46 years experience in the construction of natural turf sports fields. I have been so impressed with the drill and fill that I have retained Harmon Turf to provide the same services on Bobby Dodd Stadium at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, GA.
Bud McGovern, McGovern Sports Fields, Inc., Ft. Myers, FL
I have been a customer of Harmon Turf Services for more than 10 years. They are a great bunch of people and always do good work. For the past four years, I have contracted Harmon Turf to drill/backfill my clay greens. The results have been fantastic. Even after receiving 14 inches of rain in one week, we were able to keep the greens open for play. I intend to keep Harmon Turf in my budget for the future.
Chris Baier, Superintendent, The Pines Golf Course, Ft. Eustis Army Base, VA
For the past five years, I have relied upon HTS for my spring drill and backfill aerification. They are dependable, their prices are reasonable, they do a great job, and the health of my greens proves that. HTS has my business for many years to come.
Mike Kuhn, Superintendent, IGM Lake of the Woods, Locust Grove, VA