Project Description

Graden Contour Sand Injection

Graden Contour Sand Injection is great for helping firm up golf greens so the golf ball will roll faster. The machine cuts slits on 1″ centers and fills those slits with sand up to 1″ deep. It also pulls up thatch and moves it to the sides of each pass, so that thatch is not drawn back into the slits. Customer provides the sand and the labor to load the sand into the machine and remove the thatch as the machine brings it up.

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I contracted Harmon Turf Services in 2012 and 2013 to verticut our greens with the Graden Contour Sand Injection machines. The process removed an incredible amount of material while placing sand directly into the cut lines. We vertical mowed our greens in two directions at ¾” depth and ½” depth, and the process was completed in three days. Harmon Turf Services stayed the course despite some incredibly hot weather in 2012 (it was 105 and 103 degrees the first two days they worked) and some thunderstorms in 2013. They worked with us on how we wanted to get the job done and worked steadily until the job was completed. I highly recommend Harmon Turf Services for any vertical mowing and/or aeration needs.
Ralph Kepple, CGCS, Superintendent, East Lake Golf Club, Atlanta, GA
Harmon Turf Sevices has done the Graden Contour Sand Injection on my greens for the past three years. Joe and the boys have always been very patient and efficient in their operation. I feel my greens have really benefitted, and the impact on my members has been minute. We continue to see improved thatch reduction and look forward to using them in the future.
Chuck Green, Director of Golf Maintenance, Sage Valley Golf Club, Graniteville, SC