Project Description

Slit Drainage

Slit drainage on fairways and sports fields will effectively move water off the playing surface, helping reduce disease development and moss growth. Slits are 10″ apart and are filled with a clean, washed USGA sand or small drainage gravel for long-lasting results. Slits fill to 8″ deep. Customer provides the sand or gravel to fill the slits.

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We contacted Harmon Turf Services to perform slit drainage on our 5th fairway with their BLEC machine this summer. In the past, we would be forced to keep carts on the path for a good four to five days after an inch of rain. Obviously, the bermudagrass suffered from the perpetual saturated conditions, too. Well, in about eight hours, they slit drained over 24,000 square feet, which helped rectify an 80-year-old problem for our course. Furthermore, the disturbance to the turf canopy was minimal, so there was minimal disruption to play. Needless to say, the quality of the turf, playability and lack of cart restrictions has dramatically increased. As usual, Harmon performed this task very efficiently with a high degree of quality. Joe and all of his staff seem to take pride in their work, which really shows in the finished product. I would definitely recommend Harmon Turf Services and the slit-drainage process to anybody in the turf industry.
Tim Mack, Superintendent, Guyan Golf and Country Club, Huntington, WV
I utilized the services of Harmon Turf Services in 2003 to aid me in taking on one of the biggest and the most successful projects of my career. Starting June 2, Joe and his crew began BLECavating and installing slit trench drainage onto all 19 greens at the Towson Golf & Country Club. His portion of the project was completed in less than two weeks, in adverse weather conditions (rain, rain, rain). The greens were then methyl bromide gassed, then floated, rolled and compacted. Finally washed A-1 bentgrass sod was installed. The greens were reopened on August 26, an amazing 12 weeks from start of total reconstruction to back into service. The greens now perk over 4” to 5” per hour, and the unique design allows us to retain ample moisture and fertility. I truly believe the happy medium between USGA greens and the old push-ups are now in evidence at my facility. They are performing beautifully, with stimpmeter readings over ten and heights of cut less than 1/10″. The slit-trench drainage remains the focal point of the projects success. This technology made it possible, plausible and affordable. Our rebuild method ran roughly 25% of a typical rebuild. We were so pleased with the drainage results that we have since had Harmon Turf Services return to fix other problem drainage areas in fairways and roughs because of the success associated with this method of drainage, as well as the cost effectiveness. It is highly likely that their services could be the best solution to your drainage problem.
Quent Baria, CGCS, Superintendent, Towson Golf & Country Club, Phoenix, MD